I had been searching for and trying sports massage therapists since moving to Loughborough from Spain last July, due to a combination of a chronic condition, desk work/postural problems and a rather serious nerve injury (similar to stroke after-effect) that had been improving thanks to deep massage techniques. By the time I found the Radmoor centre and booked to see the Sports Massage tutor (Level 4 qualified) , Sharon, it is no exaggeration to say I was desperate. She quietly, quickly and efficiently set about very deep and precise work, providing immediate relief and re-activation and suddenly I started feeling like my usual jovial hard-working self again. If, like me, you have a lot of physical and mental stress to cope with I can highly recommend her thorough work. Thanks Sharon, for getting me back on track to a productive happy life. I was honestly considering returning to Madrid, Brexit or no Brexit!

Ms. Hellen Mason-Spyry

I first tried Radmoor Spa when a friend and I booked a day spa package as a girls’ catch up. To be fair we didn’t know quite what to expect, but the whole package including 3 treatments, use of the small spa facilities, coffee & pastries on arrival (plus a foot spa we weren’t expecting) AND lunch for less than a single facial at our usual local Spa…it had to be worth a go.

Overall it was a great experience & I booked a sports’ massage following an in-depth consultation with the Spa Manager, now I am a regular client, as a short course of this treatment (not for the faint-hearted) has resolved my back neck and shoulder pain caused by stress and working online to a significant extent. I now only need occasional maintenance treatments.

So on to the real fun stuff – facials and pedicures.

Allow plenty of time, relax and enjoy. The qualified students provide an excellent service in the purpose-built treatment rooms, with none of the hustle & bustle of many salons or spas. I love not feeling that the clock is ticking from the first “hello”.

The atmosphere is calm, the background music unintrusive, and brands like OPI & Dermalogica provide a great top-flight finish.

Definitely recommended

Jane Viccars-Axelrad