Coronavirus – Information and FAQs

Updated: 11-01-2021 – 4:00pm

Is the Radmoor Centre Open?

  • No sorry, currently the Radmoor Centre is closed for all commercial activity in accordance with the Government guidelines issued in January 2021. As soon as we are allowed to re-open we will keep all our members and customers notified via our webpage and social media channels.

However, for your peace of mind when we do open your safety will still be our top priority

  • When you arrive at the Centre your temperature will be taken, if still required in the government guidelines.
  • At Reception if you are using the Fitness Suite or Exercise Classes, you will be issued with your own personal sanitisation bottle and a cloth so you clean each piece of equipment before and after use.
  • We will potentially still be using the “hourly” booking system, as we are currently restricted to the number we can allow into the Fitness suite and you will note some changes in this area to allow social distancing.
  • With regards to the provision of changing facilities. The re-opening of these will depend on the advice in the government guidelines, until such time all users will need to arrive and leave in their training kit.
  • The Spa area will also remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Will I be able to book an exercise class?

We will hopefully be able to offer a limited class timetable, which will be able to be booked on line or calling 01509 517110.  As yet we are unable to advise what classes will be allowed to run but as soon as we know we will update the timetable online and on the website..

I am an Annual Member will I get the time back?

Yes, we will add the amount of time we are closed onto the end of your membership.

Radmoor Restaurant

Unfortunately, the Restaurant is still closed to bookings at this time but some cookery courses may be able to go ahead in the future either by joining a class on line or attending the Radmoor.  These will be decided and advertised on our website or social media pages.

Contact at if you have a question we have not answered.

We will keep you up to date on our webpage, thank you for continued support.